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arts and crafts education

In return for their children's weekly partici-

pation in class (instead of working for the family) the parent receives a food basket each month .

Good nutrition enhances the child's ability to think and learn in school.

Goals: The nutritional quality of the family diet will improve.

Children will remain in public school until graduation.

Children will learn skills in art class that will help them in public school and increase their earning capacity in the future.

Class activities will enhance creativity, increase right-brain activity, improve self-esteem, teach self-management and responsibility

Children receive a small meal in class.

35 children attend Saturday morning art class.  The younger group is led by 3 advanced students; the older group by a team of artists - 'expat" permanent residents  in San Pedro la Laguna.

3/13/17  Imre & Lorna Kepes introduce Leadership Training to older group in class



Improved Nutrition

Our Mission

Creating My Future

The Lives We Impact

1/14/17  Three new parents elected to the Junta Directiva (parent board)

5/1/17 Miranda is in California giving events to benefit the project.  Information on her FB page Mira Talbott-Pope

Public school in Guatemala is free through the sixth grade, but from 7th grade on the costs are simply too much for our families, who have enough trouble putting food on the table. 

If their child can't finish school, good jobs are not available to him or her, and the cycle of poverty continues, with the child relegated to the same menial labor as his or her parent. 

Improving family nutrition, teaching life skills, and providing the child a chance to attend school, significantly impacts the lives of our families.



Enhancing the lives of 30 Maya Tz'utujil children in San Pedro la Laguna Guatemala from families with few economic resources; to afford them opportunities for a brighter future.

Most of our families are headed by single mothers.. The challenges facing an indigenous woman are daunting, even in a town like San Pedro, where the economy is enhanced by tourism.  If she doesn't read or write and doesn't speak Spanish well, the tourist-related jobs are simply not open to her.  She is relegated to cleaning, selling in the market, or doing weaving or beadwork for a few quetzales a day..