• Creando Mi Futuro


COMMUNITY SPANISH SCHOOL, San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

Director Miranda Pope.

We believe we are doing a lot more than just teach art to the kids.   Although children here are pretty well-behaved with their parents, discipline in the public schools is a disaster.  Through the simple methods of not allowing the kids to become bored, reiteration of regular

Student Teachers Maria, Diego & Humberto.

Creando Mi Futuro


Founded: 2016

Director:  Mira Talbott Pope (Miranda Pope)


Funding Director of Ayudame a Pintar Mi Futuro for 8 years.

Parent Board.

Former teacher, social worker, and psychotherapist with children.

What We’re Doing

Teacher Roy Pertchick.

rules so that all children have the physcial and aural space to listen, learn, and work, assuring them  the comfort that their person, their emotioal security and their work will be respected,  requiring them to return work and materials to their places before moving to the next activity.and applying expected consequences for positive and negative behavior - children in the program learn self-discipline which carries over into their public school attendance       .Additionaly, children are encouraged to believe in their own ability (not to copy from others),, to feel comfortable sharing their work (know they won't be laughed at),  to respect each other and to cooperate.    They are encouraged to problem-solve rather than be told what to do.  They are encouraged to really see (through the art activities), to organize their thinking (step-by-step planning).  Additionally we believe we provide mentoring, and modeling of fair and compassionate behavior.       ART AND SO MUCH MORE!

Project Profiles.

Miranda also heads TLC Clothing Designs, a non-profit which gives 15% of its earnings to support Creando Mi Futuro.  Please see TLC's facebook page for unique clothing made from recycled Guatemalan textiles.