• Creando Mi Futuro

IMPROVED NUTRITION;  Families receive a large basket of 125 quetales .worth of local corn, rice, beans, pasta, oil, salt, sugar and soap - along with a flat of eggs -  each month.   In class, the child receives a weekly small meal including adole (a warm drink made of oats, plantains, or corn) and a tostada with beans, beets, carrots or other veggies and a slice of egg.   One child told Miranda that "before we got this food basket, I had never eaten an egg".  He also said that after receivimg this help "my mother was less anxious."

MORE NEWS   Thanks to a generous donation we have been able to rent our site by the month, instead of just on Saturday mornings, starting Jan. 10, '17.  and continuing for 10 months.   This increased presence enables us to offer homework help and play space to our students.   We are also developing a small store to display artwork, TLC Clothing, and beadwork and weaving by the mothers.  Because we are open during the week, the kids can spend time productively with books, puzzles and drawing, instead of running the streets (where drugs are a big temptation due to our youthful visitors  and the dealers  like to employ young "runners"..)   We hope for more for these kids.

MORE   WHOM WE IMPACT     Most of our children have lost one or more parents, due to alcoholism, abandonment, sepaaration or death.   With these issues added to the stresses of poverty for these children,it is  even more important that they have the opportunity to express themselves, and the emotional support they receive from our staff..   One mother spoke up in a meeting to say: "I thank you so much for your attention to my child; I don't have the time to give this to her.."  These moms work from dawn to dust just to make life liveable; children are often left to care for each other.


ART CLASSES.   In the yountest children's group the focus is primarily on manual skills.  Teaching them to use a pencil, marking pen, or paint brush augments skills for writing in regular school.  Puzzles and art activities increase right-brain ability for more wholistic learning.  They also learn to trust their own abilities, which increases self-esteem.   This class is taught by Mari, a young woman; former and current participant in the project.

The middle groups learn to increase their learning in art - perspective, color combinations, texture, shadow - their techniques.   When their work is well-done, we show it in our small tienda or store.  Any monies received go into the Excursion Fund..  These groups are taught by former students Humberto and Diego Edwin.

The oldest group, is taught by a series of extranjero/a teachers who are artists or art-lovers, and sometimes by student teacher Humberto.  They are learning more advanced drawing and acrylic painting techniques.   They are also learning critical thinking, and leadership skills, and as part of this training are developing goals for the group and methods to achieve those goals.

ADVANCED STUDENTS.  We need funds to continue to teach oil painting (traditional in San Pedro L.L.) to our most talented and dedicated youth.   These paintings will be sold in our tienda and in the U.S.   50% returns to the artist and 50% to the project for materials and teacher salaries.